Salem Lutheran Church 

Stillwater, OK

Salem Lutheran Church 

Stillwater, OK

Altar In The Garden

Sunday November 19th & December 17th at 3-4pm

Faith Formation in Nature

"What started as a seed..."
Salem's "Altar in the Garden" program has returned!
What started out as a thought, a prayer, and some good coffee at a local Stillwater shop has turned into a reality and we invite you to come and join us for the "Altar In The Garden" faith formation.

What is this you ask? Some time ago, a seedling of an idea was presented that we, as the church, offer creative ways for individuals to gather in God's name. Something that opened our arms and our doors just a little bit wider, and allowed us to love others a little bit louder. A "Dream-ing Team" was formed, and after much additional prayer, thought, conversation, and note-taking, this team landed on the concept of creating space for learning and praying together with children and families (and even their pets!). Teaching one another how to connect with and praise God (and God's creatures) in nature with opportunities for community outreach and connection as well.
This creation-based avenue for worship will be held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 3:00 - 4:00pm at the Stillwater Botanical Garden. Each sessions weaves in a theme that includes learning about selves and others as we learn about God together.

Will you join us?

All interested will gather at the South end of The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State (3300 W. 6th Street, Stillwater, OK at 3:00 pm. Lawn chairs and clothes comfortable for the weather are recommended.

Wish to learn more, or get involved? Contact: Amie Haar, Director: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Goal?
The goal of Altar In The Garden (AIG) is to provide a creative intergenerational faith formation opportunity for individuals and families who would thrive meeting God and others through exploring the natural world in the context of faith.
What can I expect?
To learn. To grow. To be loved.
While there will be some structure to the way each gathering is lined out for consistency, most of what we do is explorative play. Singing, storytelling, prayer, medititative practice, fellowship, and FUN!
How frequently does AIG meet?
AIG will meet most months on the 3rd Sunday of the month, weather permitting. 3-4 pm.  If you can come to one, great! If you want to be a part of them all that's great, too! We want you to feel welcome anytime and always 
What else do I need to know?

If the forecast calls for rain, bring some boots. If pajamas are more comfortable to play outside in than a dress, join us. We will have a time for snacks toward the end of each lesson, so bring a little bit of nourishment (ex. water bottles and fruit) for you and your family to enjoy together while we share our experiences of the day. Bring a blanket to spread out or a chair if that is most comfortable for you. Bring YOU! 

All are welcome.

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